Valerie Edwards

Texas-native Valerie Edwards, President -USA vs DEBT-HOLDINGS, LLC. was originally founded as a gift for her family and friends. When people in Frisco a suburb of Dallas, where she lives, began asking her for debt reduction services- Edwards' figured she was on to something and decided to found USA VERSUS DEBT, Inc. The service became a hit (she helped thousands of consumers on her own!), and the Texas entrepreneur won a large advance for her service for others.

Ten percent of all profits from USA vs DEBT-HOLDINGS, LLC. will benefit G.A.G.E. Enterprises; a foundation for God's children. G.A.G.E.: v. to give a gift everyday on behalf of Jesus.

I feel that we are accountable for making Godly changes in each others lives.

Welcome to Freedom!

Valerie Edwards, President -USA vs DEBT-HOLDINGS, LLC.