USA vs. Debt

debt settlement

It is very common for consumers today to find themselves in a heavy debt situation that is out of control. USA VS DEBT has developed an excellent debt settlement program to settle your problem debt in the shortest amount of time possible while putting more money in your pocket each month. Many of the numerous debt consolidation programs available today do not decrease the amount of debt you need to pay off; they simply combine your current balances into one large new loan. You may not qualify for a loan.

 Our debt settlement program is different. We take your existing amount of debt and we settle your outstanding debt for approximately 40 cents on the dollar. Another benefit of our program is we set you up on a monthly payment plan that fits your budget, not theirs to pay the settled amount.  That means you can settle your debt and keep your hard earned money if you qualify. How much debt do you owe? Call us at 800-648-5771 or e-mail us at to find out now what we can save you! We do not collect a fee unless we settle your debt!, and we have 24 and 36 month options available to fit your budget.