Debt Negotiation Process

It is very common for consumers today to find themselves in a heavy debt situation that is out of control. USA VS DEBT has developed an excellent debt settlement program to settle your problem debt in the shortest amount of time possible while putting more money in your pocket each month.

Many of the numerous debt consolidation programs available today do not decrease the amount of debt you need to pay off; they simply combine your current balances into one large new loan. Our debt settlement program is different. We put our relationships with over 150 consumer-lending institutions to work in order to successfully engage in debt settlement on your behalf. When you hire us to engage in debt negotiation with your creditors, we settle your outstanding debt for pennies on the dollar. That means you can decrease your debt and keep your hard earned money more quickly than ever before.

Once enrolled in our debt settlement program, you will have the knowledge and experience of the entire staff at your disposal. It is important to remember that we work for you and not your creditors, unlike many debt consolidation companies, so you can rest assured that we have your best interest in mind throughout the negotiation and debt settlement process.

The USA VS DEBT settlement program is truly the best method for getting rid of your overwhelming debt problem. Working together, we will bring those who are committed and serious about getting out of debt back on the road to financial freedom. If you are tired of living paycheck to paycheck, with all of your money going to credit cards you fear will never be paid in full, contact us for a Free Consultation. You will see that our debt settlement program is the best one for you.

Our debt settlement specialists are highly trained negotiators. We carefully customize a debt settlement action plan for each client that successfully relieve financial stress. If you are ready to offer a total commitment to eliminating your problem debt, we will partner with you to get it done as soon as possible.

There are only a few steps to becoming debt free in our debt settlement process:

1. Call USA vs. DEBT at 800-648-5771 anytime for a free consultation with one of our debt settlement analysts. You will need to complete some basic documentation to get approved, and we will determine if our debt settlement program is appropriate for you.

2. If you qualify and we can create a debt negotiation plan that satisfies your needs, we will go to work on your case immediately. When your creditors contact you, tell them to call our customer service number so that we can discuss your account with them. This will help remove the stress associated with your problem debt while we are engaging in debt negotiation on your behalf.

3. Should you continue to receive calls from the creditors, contact our consumer advocacy firm. As part of our debt settlement program these advocates will provide you with a telephone log to record these calls before you forward them to their offices. This log allows us to track creditor correspondence and assists us with your debt settlement program. We will take the necessary steps to help insure that unwanted harassing creditor calls are abated.

4. We will work with you to determine a monthly amount of funds that you can comfortably set aside for debt settlement purposes. These funds must be set aside every month to settle with your creditors. Unlike the debt consolidation programs, you do not send your funds to our firm.

5. We negotiate with all your creditors to obtain a debt settlement. Our average debt negotiation settles for less than the total debt owed. All settlements are based on the funds you have available at the time.

6. As a settlement amount is agreed to by each of your creditors, we will then direct our third party payment processing center to disburse funds from your settlement account and mail the final settlement payment directly to the creditor. This will satisfy your debt to the creditor, and this process will be duplicated as many times as necessary until all of your creditors have been satisfied.

If you have any questions about the debt negotiation process or would like to receive more information please do not hesitate to contact us. Our hotline 1-800-648-5771 is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You can also sign up online for our free confidential consultation. We have a professional and experienced staff available anytime to assist you.

Unable to keep up on all of your credit cards? Getting further behind every month?


More than half – about 71 percent – of wage earners live paycheck to paycheck.*
The average cardholder has 7.6 cards.
The average household has about $18,700 in debt, not including mortgages.
Our settlement staff has serviced over $170 million dollars of debt. Thousands of clients have entrusted us with their debts, and so can you.
Our Negotiator Program may be your answer.
Last year, our settlement staff saved their clients over $7 million in debt payments.
We assisted nearly 1,000 clients last year in completing our program!
To be one of our satisfied clients
*According to the American Payroll Association.

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