What the experts are saying

New York Times- "A bi-weekly mortgage is best for financially sophisticated home buyers, for move-up home buyers and for anyone who wants faster equity build up... It's a great disciplinary tool. In a way, it's like a Christmas Club."

USA Today "What started as a mortgage lender's marketing gimmick is on its way to becoming the hottest home loan of the decade. It's the bi-weekly mortgage... The attraction: bi-weeklies reduce interest expense and build home equity faster."

Wall Street Journal "When repaid on a bi-weekly schedule, a $70,000 mortgage at 10.5% annual interest produces a savings of $60,000 compared with a standard 30-year payback."

It was stated by Hayden Edwards about bi-weekly mortgages ... " I believe that, within 3 years, it will be, by and large, the predominate mortgage in the country." Los Angeles Times "The only way you can justify a 30 year mortgage is with a bi-weekly payoff."

Dallas Morning News "The Magic Bullet; the more you increase the principal payment per period, the faster your debt will disappear. Therein lies the so-called magic of biweekly mortgages."

USA VERSUS DEBT is helping homeowners save literally a fortune on their mortgages! The bi-weekly and mortgage auditing program is a real must for every homeowner who wants to get ahead financially!"

Parents "The simple fact is that a bi-weekly mortgage not only saves the home buyer a bundle, but makes him or her a homeowner much sooner than the traditional monthly mortgage does."

Business Week States that "You Can Save a Considerable Amount of Money" through this plan.

Bi-Weekly Payments are recommended by the editors of Forbes, New York Times, Sylvia Porter's Personal Finance, and many other publications.

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