Our Purpose

To provide financial and spiritual freedom suited to your long term goals. We provide debt reduction thus enabling our client's peace of mind.

Our Mission

Our Mission To be a leader in business that exemplifies the principles of God and encourage our citizens of the United States to implement these same principles. Principles such as: Workmanship, Servant hood, Stewardship, Values, Ethics, Integrity, Vision, Planning.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see the world restored, saved, united, passionately possessing a Kingdom view and becoming a force of change for this world.

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The proceeds from the Applications will be used to develop more Bible applications to teach the word of God and to help children learn to count, spell and read. USA vs DEBT-HOLDINGS, LLC. has the technology to implement these applications with your financial support. Please help. It is our goal to get positive informational I-pad applications into the hands of every student and teacher for the purpose of learning. Technology is the wave of the future! We have the opportunity to form the great minds of our children with Bible based knowledge and give them the tools they need to succeed.

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"In honor of Gage and Gracen Edwards"

USA vs DEBT-HOLDINGS, LLC. is a proud sponsor of Spears Elementary School and the Frisco Independent School District along with Frisco Family Services, Frisco Senior Center and others.

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Search USAvsDEBT/BibleApps in i-tunes
1. God Created World
2. The Ten Commandments-USAVD

Are you able to help?

The proceeds from the Apps will be used to cover developmental and operational costs of the tools to provide this information to children of the world. Please help us by downloading the app and reading to your children! It is our goal to get the word of God into the hearts and minds of every child internationally and teach them the great purpose God has planned for each special human being.

Technology is the wave of the future! We want to make God’s word fun to learn with our USAvsDEBT Bible Application Games via the i-pad. We too have a chance for each child to write and publish their books electronically. To be a part of this please email us at: Info@USAvsDEBT.com . Send us your name, your child’s name and book content. Stories will be reviewed and edited by our experienced staff working with you and your child to enhance reading skills, writing skills and to develop young entrepreneurs.

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“In honor of Gage and Gracen Edwards”

USA vs DEBT-HOLDINGS, LLC. is a proud sponsor of Spears Elementary School and the Frisco Independent School District.